Dr. Wm. Craig Byrdwell is a Research Scientist, Analytical Chemist, Chromatographer, and Mass Spectrometrist.

Dr. Byrdwell is The Father of The Unit Simulacrum and The Father of Whole PI. The Simulacrum System was discovered through analysis of the structures of fats and oils by mass spectrometry. Whole PI was discovered by applying The Unit Simulacrum to pi, and asking: "Are we using the right ratio?"

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Dr. Wm. Craig Byrdwell

Dr. Byrdwell is a Research Chemist working on analysis of lipids using liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry (LC-MS). Dr. Byrdwell uses multiple mass spectrometers simultaneously in parallel combined with two-dimensional LC (2D-LC) and multi-dimensional LC (xD-LC). Publications available from

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Dr. Byrdwell currently has more than 65 peer-reviewed publications, and has a Google Scholar h-index of 30, and Scopus h-index of 28.

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Dr. Byrdwell received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Louisville, writing his dissertation on identification of the ‘Unknown Phospholipid’ in the human eye lens, and quantification of fluorophores in normal and cataractous lenses.
Dr. Byrdwell took a position at the USDA’s National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, to work on analysis of triacylglycerols (TAGs) using HPLC with APCI-MS.
Then, Dr. Byrdwell took a position at Florida Atlantic University, where he routinely employed dual mass spectrometers, in parallel, using both APCI-MS and ESI-MS.
He re-joined ARS in 2005, and took on quantification of Vitamin D and TAGs.
Recently, Dr. Byrdwell has been analyzing fat-soluble vitamins and TAGs using triple- and quadruple- parallel mass spectrometry approaches, combining three or four mass spectrometers employing complementary ionization methods (APCI-MS, APPI-MS, and ESI-MS) coupled to one, two, or three liquid chromatographs in LCx/MSy techniques.
Dr. Byrdwell has published >60 peer-reviewed articles, 10 book chapters, and been Editor/Co-Editor of three AOCS Press books.
He is on the editorial advisory board of Lipids, is the Lipidomics Associate Editor for The Lipid Library (www.LipidLibrary.com), and maintains numerous websites, including www.LipidAcademy.com.
Dr. Byrdwell received the 2012 American Oil Chemists’ Society Analytical Division Herbert J. Dutton Award, and received the 2013 Society of Chemical Industry Julius Lewkowitsch Award Lecture. In 2019, Dr. Byrdwell was elected a Fellow of the American Oil Chemists’ Society.

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